Kaffee Especial de Origen Génova


The Café Genoa is a coffee grown in the mountains of Genoa Quindío at an altitude of 1600 to 1900 meters above sea level. In this area you have a great biodiversity, which allows us to enjoy a coffee with special characteristics in terms of taste and aroma.



Aroma: Intense caramel.

Body: Medium and balanced.

Acidity: Medium.

Flavor: Intense with a sweet taste

The characteristics of our Especial de Origen Génova coffee:


The term special coffee refers to coffees made from exceptionally grown beans that are produced only in ideal climates and processed under strictly defined standards. They are characterized by their distinctive flavors, resulting from the unique properties of the soil on which they are produced.

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We proudly present an excellent coffee from the green and majestic mountains of the Colombian coffee region to the whole world.

Esbocafe is more than a drink, it has an intense aroma and a unique flavor that will make you smile, sigh and get you going one more time.

We invite you to close your eyes and enjoy the best coffee, surely when you open them it will revive your heart and soul!


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